I've learned from a farmer.

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Jun 20, 2012 22:34 WWOOF
There was an expected misfortune today.
In this morning, I heard a very strange scream from the next house standing on top of a hill when I was feeding horses. I wasn't so worried about it until I saw all horses stopped eating hey and were gazing at the top of the hill because there are a lot of strange sounds which I've heard all the time, made by a various kind of animals living around here. After that, I called a neighbor living in the house, but she was out for working. I explained the situation to my friend who came to my place afterward for riding on a horse and we then decided to go to the house to make sure what was going on.
As soon as we got the house, we checked the pen which two piggies were in because my friend working on a farm suggested to do so. We unexpectedly saw the piggies breeding from their ears and legs and dogs,which were supposed to be in the next pen, with a bloody mouth in the piggies' pen, which sent shivers down my spin. Eventually, the neighbor got home by our agent calling to her work place and decided to shoot the piggies to release their pain. I felt deep sorrow for her because I knew how much she has loved the piggies and dogs. She was actually going to eat the piggies on this weekend, yet the thing which was not supposed to happen has changed her mind. I can understand her feeling that she doesn't want to eat them hit by her dogs, which must be more complicated than I imagine.
I learned farmer's passion from her story. I was moved by the situation that she gave the injured piggies a last meal just before shooting even though they were not eaten by people. She treated them with great love until the end, which impressed me deeply.