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Mar 29, 2012 20:33
I don't want to believe that I'm going to stay in this Australian outback for 3 months for my VISA. I didn't expect such a great thing as I could have done in Sydney, but I already feel that it's gonna be hard time for me to spend 3 months just working at a farm. I knew that it wasn't easy; therefore, I chose as an interesting farm as any farm which I saw in the WWOOFing book. There are, however, many unexpected things. Except my first priority which I can ride horses, the things that I'm doing are like ones a servant does, for example cleaning all rooms and cooking for everyone. And those living with me take it for granted. hmmmm, I know that I shouldn't think like this because there are many people doing WWOOF very hard in even much harder condition and have to look on the bright side. I hope I can adapt to this atmosphere in 1 months... I was just suprised at the situation which all wwoofers might be in. I decide that I was going to enjoy at this farm as much as I could because I cannot complain at least in the fact that I can get a VISA and I can have fun with horses;)