Looking back at the first half of 2017

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Jul 3, 2017 07:02 English Japanese fishing
Time flies so quickly. The first half of 2017 has already passed.

There were some changes in the environment around me. I finished a job contract on last April, and updated it for the same company. Then I was back to San Francisco on last May. Our department hired a new engineer internship. (On top of that, another new guy will join our team in this August.) At the end of June, I flew to a conference held in Copenhagen for showing an exhibition. (Actually, the title picture was taken in Copenhagen.)

It was a bit busy to work on my 2017 resolutions. Now I would like to rethink about the three resolutions.

I will go on those two resolutions,

1. To make more than three products
3. To become an intermediate Spanish speaker

but switch from number 2 to 2'.

2. To get additional income through side business
2'. To fish more than 15 fish species.

Well, I'm accidentally into sports fishing... I will focus on the easier resolution for now. It is so exciting to fish in California.


私の周りの環境が幾つか変わりました。4月に仕事の契約を終え、同じ会社の契約を更新しました。それから、5月にサンフランシスコに戻りました。私達の部署は、5月に新しいエンジニアのインターンシップを採用しました。(さらに、8月にもう一人、新しい人が参加します。) 6月末に、展示のため、コペンハーゲンで開かれたカンファレンスに行きました。(実は、このタイトルの写真は、コペンハーゲンで撮られたものです。)



1. 3つ以上プロダクトを作ること
3. 中級レベルのスペイン語話者になること


2. 副業から副収入を得ること
2'. 15種以上の魚を釣ること