On the evening of March 26, a Chinese man who in Paris were shot and killed by police officers.

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Mar 29, 2017 10:02
On the evening of March 26, a Qingtian Chinese man was living in the 19 districts of Paris were shot and killed by law enforcement police officers. Subsequently, the French media reported that the Chinese man stabbed a 19-year law enforcement brigade (Brigade anti-criminalité) law enforcement police, the police then shot to kill; and journalists linked to the deceased daughter, get an opposite version, her statement is the police broke into the room, see his father holding the hands of the fish scissors, and immediately shot him to death.

After the Chinese Embassy in France got the news, they immediately start the emergency mechanism, contact French police to understand the situation, as soon as possible to find out the truth. Cao Huaqin, director of the Chinese Center for Human Rights, was rushed to the scene and received a lawyer for the families of the deceased. At present, the Chinese embassy in the embassy has been sent to the rights center to understand the situation, to discuss the next step to deal with the program.

Beauty City Union Chamber of Commerce Jiang Jinyu told reporters that he received the news immediately after contact with the Paris 20 District police chief Jacon (Jacques RIGON, responsible for 10 districts, 11 districts, 12 districts, 18 districts, 19 districts, 20 districts Six areas of security issues). Hegong said that in order to protect the scene, 19 District Government, the police have the families of the deceased placed in a hotel. At present, the families of the deceased with the police to provide the testimony is very different, the need for further judicial investigation and evidence collection. However, a very unfavorable evidence for the deceased was that he had been detained by the police in 2012 because of mental problems with people.

A staff member from19 District police station told reporters, according to the police said the Chinese scissors stabbed to the police, if not the police wearing body armor, the spot will be killed. In this case, the companion of the punched police officers fired at the Chinese. But the daughter of the deceased said the police broke into the room, 1.6 meters tall father was almost torn down, how could we use the scissors to puncture the police?

The daughter of the deceased, said his father just like to drink, talking loudly, there are no other problems. After the incident, the police have let them leave the scene, prohibit contact with the outside world, they to the Chinese rights center Cao Huaqin for help. The Center immediately informs the consular department of the Chinese embassy in France and has invited the lawyer for the families of the deceased.

European Qingtian Association President Chen Shaoqi said, get the news, he arrived in the early days of the Chinese people's rights center, with the embassy consular officer, the center of the rights center to discuss response measures. He told reporters that the most important thing now is to ask the judiciary to conduct a fair and open investigation, and our Chinese community should remain calm, before the results of the judicial investigation, do not easily hold protests. He said, will immediately contact overseas Chinese and other associations, we work together to discuss a reasonable and legitimate rights programs.

On the morning of 27 March, some Chinese spontaneously organized small-scale protests at the door of the District 19 police station. Chinese Embassy Consul General Lu Qingjiang counselor in the news, the night arranged for the Commissioner to investigate the situation, to appease the families of the deceased. Chinese rights center and the Chinese embassy in charge of the consular commissioner, the European Qingtian Association President Chen Shaoqi and other overseas Chinese representatives and the families of the deceased, to discuss the next step.

It was agreed that, first of all, the statements of the families of the deceased were released through the media; secondly, the overseas Chinese community would convene an emergency meeting to discuss the response measures. It is now necessary to supervise the further investigation by the judiciary. Once the police are identified, the Chinese community will hold protests, recover justice for the victims and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese.

Just before the press release, received a message, the National Police Chief Inspectorate (l'IGPN) will be March 28 to hear the testimony of the deceased daughter.
【欧洲时报孔帆报道】3月26日晚,居住在巴黎19区的青田籍华人男子被破门而入的执法警察开枪打死。随后,法国媒体报道说,该华人男子刺伤了一名19区打击犯罪大队(Brigade anti-criminalité)的执法警察,警察遂开枪将其击毙;而记者联系死者女儿,得到是的完全相反的答案,她的表述是警察破门而入,看到父亲手中拿着剖鱼的剪刀,立刻开枪将其打死。


美丽城联合商会会长姜金玉对记者说,他接到消息后,立刻联系了巴黎20区警察局长赫贡(Jacques RIGON,负责10区、11区、12区、18区、19区、20区六个区的安全问题)。赫贡表示,为了保护案发现场,19区区政府、警察局已经将死者家属安置在一个酒店中。目前,死者家属与涉案警察提供的证词有很大差异,需要进一步的司法调查取证。但是,对死者非常不利的一个证据是,他曾经在2012年因精神问题与人发生争执被警方羁押过。