My own high school

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Jun 15, 2012 21:01
Two months passed after I enter high school.
So, I found two things from my school.
For one thing, most of my school students are clever and they are interested in studying and class.
For example, we had a Japanese class today.
I studied about "Rasho-Mon" a famous book written by one of the most famous writer in japan.
Our teacher said "How do you think about this story? If you have any opinion, please raise your hand and tell me about it."
Most of students in my class rose their hands and some students said great opinions.
I felt my class room was filled with clever and active people.
For another, all subject changed more and more difficult than studying in junior high school.
So It's hard for me to study.
I don't have free time at all now.
From these things, my school is eager to learn.
But I like this mood!