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Mar 6, 2017 16:51 diary
I have been to Australia for over a month, feel less anxious now. I have two jobs this moment- one is waitress, the other is promoter. I love working at a dart bar, where you can play dart and have drink with friends. This is the first time I truly enjoy my job which makes me realize that how important to make employees like what they do. Employees would love to dedicated themselves to their job, work harder and to be more productive. This also creates a happier life for them because people spend a majority of time on work. Back to the topic, besides my works, I had my first practical assessment on last Saturday. I was a bit panic at the beginning, but things went well eventually.

These days, I feel much better. I less second-doubt myself even thought I still do not know what should I do. I have a strong determination, but someone steal part of it from me.