study abroad.

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Dec 20, 2016 11:13
study abroad.
I have some friends who experienced to go abroad.I say what my friend took me.First of all I think it is goot that experience go abroad.I have three reason.
First,it is simply, I can make friends in another country. It is difficult to make friends by travel abroad. but if you did go abroad, you can easily make acquaintance because it has a lot of chance to communicate with localstudents and so on.
Second, I can more understand to local area by go to there.I will be able to learn the one that I go to the field, and learned the field with more fascination.
Finally, I think the experience of "go abroad" is the most important.
It thinks that it is good experience at all in the life to live a life with people who do not understand for our native language well.
From these three points,studied abroad is not the loss.
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