This school year is coming to end.

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Jan 17, 2018 00:27
This school year is coming to end. I have learned a lot of things from school work, club activities, and activities which I did outside campus. Of a lot of things, I will write three things below.
First I will write about my academic work. For me, as a earth science major, the highlight of this year was that I carried out a field study in summer. I went to Mt, Ontake. This mountain erupted and caused a great deal of damage to the tourists. I made an on-the-spot survey this area.
Next I will write about my club. I am a member of the karate club. I practiced very hard and I was able to participate in the national tournament.
Well, that’s a little about what I learned during this school year. I will more make effort become more and more delightful next year.