I read an article of the Japan times, and I knew that Japanese woma...

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Jun 10, 2017 12:03
I read an article of the Japan times, and I knew that Japanese woman is lowest end among 12 countries in the STEM fields.

In the world countries, the people who work in the science lab and so on are over 40 percent of female. But in Japan, men dominate. So the woman who work there are 15 percent. I feel not only it is low rate but also I hope to a woman might be more consider because the woman has a lot things doing elsewhere including housework and the child-care in comparison with a man.

But, Japanese society stymies Japan’s “growth” in equality between man and woman. However another country, woman researchers who work in the same as a man are a lot. That is why more and more woman hopes to go to abroad.

I searched a Japanese working woman on the internet, I knew that there are a lot of companies and groups to support a woman researchers. If such groups increase more, can you not make the environment that man and woman studies equally at the research institute of Japan?

Japan must create work and life conditions for its talented female researchers want to remain in their native homeland.
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