Skype 있으세요?

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Apr 20, 2012 00:39 그냥
예전에 Skype친구들 많이있어요. 하지만 지금 많이 없어요.
제가 생각보다는 한국사람 Kakao Talk 많이사용해요.
근데 제가 스마트폰 없어요. 이상해죠? ㅋㅋ...
암튼 여러분 Skype있으면 연락하세요!

In the past, I have many friends on Skype. But not anymore.
I think Koreans use Kakao Talk more.
But, I don't have a smartphone. Weird, right?
Anyway, contact me if you have Skype!
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