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Feb 13, 2011 07:57
Our volunteer group is planning to give a Japanese home cooking course for foreigners living in Fujisawa area. Last year it was really successful. Participants and a cooking teacher were pleased with taking and giving that cooking course.My friend and I were truly happy about that success. So this year again, we wanted to give another some new homemade recipes. But students's request this time is some sweets( some Japanese westernstyle sweets, not a traditional Japanese sweet. I was wondering what were they? The cooking teacher said that her speciality was dishes not a sweet,so she couldn't give a lesson for that kind. I totally agreed with her.But my friend said,"I want to meet thier request, culture is always changing, isn't it? Traditional is not always correct."
I said," Japanese cooking is changed by young generation and foreign influence. I admit, but giving some Japanese cooking lessons to foreigners, we should give basic traditional way of Japanese recipe first. Japanese cooking has a long history we can be proud of. We don't have to follow their request, we have to introduce them with a policy that we want to convey real Japanese as much as we can. Even though we like not only Japanese, Western, Chinese and other counries's delicious cuisine.