Border Town Wanderer Prologue

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Feb 9, 2017 16:38
Border Town Wanderer by Gu Long

Prologue Hong Xue (Red Snow)

There was no other colours in the room, except black!

Even the setting sun shone through the window had turned into an ominous dead grey.

Before the setting sun shone through the window, she has knelt before the black shrine on a black cushion.

The black curtain drooped. No one could see which deity was in it, nor one could see her face.

Her face was covered by a black veil. Her black gown fell on the ground like dark clouds, only revealed her shriveled, old, ghost-like hands.

She put her palms together devoutly and murmured. However, she was not praying to God, but cursing.

She was cursing God, cursing human beings, and cursing all things on earth.

A young man in black knelt behind her without moving, as if he had been knelt here with her from time immemorial, and would always knelt here until all things on earth were destroyed.

The setting sun was shining on his face. His face profile was handsome and sharp, but was like to be built by ice and snow from a distant mountain.

The setting sun was bleak and the wind was whistling.

She suddenly stood up, tore off the black curtain before the shrine, and took out a black iron box.

Was the iron box the deity that she believed in? She held it hard, blue veins stood out on the back of her hands, but she was still trembling.

There was a saber on the divine table. The sheath was black, and the hilt was black.

She suddenly drew out the saber and split up the iron box by it.

There was nothing but a pile of crimson powder in the iron box.

She grabbed a little: "Do you know what it is?"

Nobody knows - except her, nobody knows!

"It's snow. Red snow!"

Her voice was forlorn and shrill, like a ghost in the cold night: "When you were born, the snow was red. It was dyed red by blood!"

The young man in black lowered his head.

She came to him and scattered the red snow on his head and shoulder: "Remember. From now on, you will be the god. A god of revenge! No matter what you do, you don't need to regret. No matter how you treat them, they deserve it!" Her voice was full of a mysterious confidence, as if all of the demons and devils in this world had hidden in the handful of crimson powder, and had possessed the young man. Then she raised up her hands, muttered: "I've prepared for eighteen years for today, the whole eighteen years. Now I have finally been ready. Why haven't you leave?"

The young man in black lowering his head, said: "I..."

She suddenly waved the saber again, stuck it on the soil in front of him and snapped: "Go! Use this saber to cut their heads off before you go back to me. Otherwise, not only the sky will curse you, but also I will!"

The wind was whistling.

She watched him walked out slowly into the dark night. His figure seemed to be integrated with the darkness.

The saber in his hand also seemed to be integrated with the darkness.

At this time, the earth had been shrouded in darkness.

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