B&C Gakubuchi is a really really nice accommodation!

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Sep 12, 2017 15:00
B&C Gakubuchi is a really really nice accommodation!
If you go to Hakata, you should stay there.
There is very comfortable.
It feels like you go back to your country.
It's close to tourist locations and it's easy to go to around Kyushu.
In addition, employees are so nice.
Especially, one of employees "わーちゃん" is super sexy and beautiful lol xD
I never forget a fantastic "Udon" shop called "Akachkobe" near there!
I guess that you should go to there at night.
Why? I can't tell you, hahahaxD
Just go!!

I have a lot of stories, but I won't write everything so thank you for your hospitality Miri, わーちゃん,たかちゃん and じゃけんさん!
I could make really nice memories!
I'm looking forward to seeing you guys again and also I hope to meet you, Oscar!!!!!
Thank you:)

I really really enjoyed in Dazaifu too!
Thank you, Genya:)
I wish we meet in somewhere again.
Good luck for your thesis!