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Paragraphing is important. In the second paragraph you speak about university life without any introduction and it is confusing. While a three section write up is correct each section must clearly state the content. It involves your i...
  • Have you ever had been crazy about a song or s series of songs before?
  • The Correction Above is possible. Here is a more compact version - Have you ever had been crazy about a song or a song series before?

Aug 25, 2019 23:17 Public Songs that deeply attract me


請您幫我修改以下的中文,麻煩您謝謝! (想用書面語寫) 自立語與附屬語 「単語」作文節時,按照單詞的功能來分別成「自立語」與「附屬語」。 (文節是日文文章中最小的單位,中文應該稱作“短語”) 什麼是自立語? 單獨能當成文節的單詞稱作「自立語」。 自立語一定在文節的最初,文節裡不會有兩個自立語。 自立語單獨就能理解意思或某概念的單詞。 什麼事附屬語? 單獨不能作文節的單詞,一定在自立語或者是其他附屬語的後面連在一起。 在文節中,第二個...

Aug 24, 2019 17:48 Public 自立語與附屬語
  • → The light-blue and dark-blue looking water is really attractive.
  • → The light-blue and dark-blue-looking water is really pretty.
  • "Dark blue looking" is the adjective phrase that is describing water; therefore, it needs to be hyphenated. Tip: To tell if a word is part of a compound adjective and needs to be hyphenated, put each word individually in front of the noun and see if it makes sense by itself. Example: The looking water is really attractive. --> This does not make sense. "Looking water," therefore, is not a separate part and needs to hyphenated. Also, I changed "attractive" to "pretty" to make it sound more natural.

Jul 23, 2019 22:47 Public Compound-adjectives practices

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