Shopping at department store

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Aug 3, 2019 16:33
Today I was hanging out with my mom for almost the whole afternoons, searching for the new stuffs for my life in University. Although we’ve gone past many shops, we still bought nothing at the end, because what I appreciated wasn't my mother’s style and what caught my mom’s eyes didn’t appeal to me. Then, we decided to buy clothes on Uniqlo near my house because I thought it has one-colored cotton-based T-shirt which was really soft and pretty.

After a while, we went to the food court and bought 鯛焼き ( Taiyaki ), which tastes like a pancake and looks like a fish. I ordered a cheesy sausage one and my mother ordered a cream filled one. Both of them were super delicious desserts! By the way, the vanilla milk was also a sweetened beverage that every sip lead to the explosion of sweetness in mouth!