Playground in a service area

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Aug 10, 2019 17:01
I’m in a service area taking a break for short. Thanks to the air conditioner, it makes me really relaxed and now I just wanna take a nap. (BTW, everything is so great except the annoying sounds from everywhere)

There is something that reminds me of a brunch of carefree memories in childhood. It’s a indoor-playground. I still remember how much I loved to play in a outdoor-playground, because I could meet a child and make friend with him.

Additionally, playhouse ( which is a house-shaped facility providing Climbers and slides.... etc.) was a nice part that I used to be deeply crazy about it. But I was once in danger when playing the sliders. When I was sliding down to the ground, my neck was got chocked by the ribbons of my bag. I just felt like I couldn’t breathe well and my limbs pushed out to escape. It was not until five minutes later that a kindhearted man lent me a helping hand to go away from the devil.

With this crazy experience, I never played this again. It taught me a lesson that think twice before you slide, make sure every Accessories have already got rid of!