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Aug 31, 2019 22:53
Today, I've been busy moving to my dormitory for long and finally delivered all the stuff and got to shop to buy necessities. I've never been that tired before! I thought I'd be the late one who gets the stuff placed in dorm, but nobody came instead. That means, I own the room for tonight!

Ahhhh, maybe I just feel a little bit sad because I guessed I could have a happy greeting with my roommates. ;(

Oh, BTW, I did a really stupid decision. My ex-classmates and I were hunting for food because we were really hungry then, and I said, "how about going around the surroundings for food?" It turned out that we just kept going straight, turning corner, climbing up the ladders but got nothing in the end. We finally just went back the roads and ate at the student restaurant just near my dorm!!! What a stupid thing I've ever done!
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