A totally different feeling from being a high school student.

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Sep 17, 2019 23:57
As a high school student in Taiwan, we basically don't need to "boost" our brain. In other words, it's commonly that students are required to follow what teachers said and rules made by school. Every day, what you need to do is to memorize the vocabulary over and over and read the books whole day long. It's impossible that teachers would even care about your feelings like "How's your day?" and "Have a nice vacation?", you will receive the housework as much as you can imagine instead.

However, something different happens. We seem to grab "the right" to decide if we like a course taken or what kind of events we wanna take in. I just feel like I'm refreshed! There's no more homework that can be done by a "standard answer;" there's no more daily routine that has already set by someone. Being a student in university means to me that being a adult.

I'm positive to my university life that I'll go through difficulties and troubles no matter how tough it will be. Because I'm who I'm now!