There has been raining heavily outside for long

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Aug 17, 2019 13:50
Recently, where I'm living now, Tainan, Taiwan, is in a rainy season. It's been so wet outside that as I go outside, it would start raining and my body just get totally moist! Honestly, the rainy season didn't bother me a lot, though. However, Taking a huge pack of raincoat everywhere and every time was why this season really bothers. I just felt like I was gonna fight against a rains-maker monster so that it was needed to take on my weapons, my raincoat. In addition, it's also hard to do a laundry at the balcony. When you finished your household chores and wanted to watch your favorite YouTube's latest videos, the damn monster just popped up and ruined your stuff like making your clothes wet again or blowing them away! Wish no more rains here.
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