How do you wrap your package?

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Aug 26, 2019 00:03
I'll soon move to the dormitory in next Saturday and there's still a ton of thing that I haven't prepared yet. While putting clothes, pants and any other necessities into my 17-inch suitcase, I found that it's so hard to put all the stuff into one suitcase. So, I googled some good ideas and shared with you those magic tricks that can make a good use of your suitcase.

1) Putting pants and underwear into clothes.
That means wrap you clothes, pants and underwear like a hamburger.
First, put your bigger-sized item on the ground.
Second, put a smaller one onto the first one. Make sure the second one is smaller than the first one! If you have more than two stuff to package, just loop this step again until the last one is already put on.
Finally, when everything is already put on, wrap the first one. You'll get a cotton-based hamburger and it surely help you release the room in your suitcase.

2) Setting the priority of stuff.
It says that consider what you really need and sets it a "priority number," which the most important stuff will be "1" and others just gets the number depending on the importance it is.

If you have any good ideas about it, please share with me below and tell me if these two ideas can be better. Thank you!
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