July 11th: Our activity has been cancelled

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Jul 11, 2018 13:41
Thank god. Our Party Day activity has been cancelled. At half past six in the morning, my alarm went off. I was very unwilling to get up so early. In the hope of the activity can be cancelled, I took my cellphone and opened Wechat to see if there was a message about the cancellation of the activity. And I found there wasn't. I oppened the curtain, where is the rain? So, I had to get up hurriedly and wash as usual. After doing everything, I went downstairs and got ready to go, a message came in, it said: "Because of the rain warning our activity is cancelled". I was so happy and I thought that if I could have gotten the message early, I could have slept for a while. I went to the canteen to have breakfast, and then went to our company. It was so early, so I had time to study English, I checked my diary entry of yesterday, and found it had been revised by some kind man. I learned so much from him. I found that getting up early is so great, that I have decided to get up early tomorrow morning.