Lease Agreement Trouble...

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Mar 22, 2009 23:57 living
Last week, I went to Tokyo and decided a room for rent.
The room should have been allowed to have a cat.
At least, a real estate agency and a room owner agreed that.
The room was small, but my husband and I decided to rent it because of being able to having a cat.
We paid application fee and we've been waiting for the result of examination.
Yesterday, our broker called me and said "I'm sorry that it seems that you can't be allowed to have a cat at that room. The room owner himself admit the agreement but it seems that the condo association board will reject it at the meeting which will be held on next Monday..."
I can't belive that...
Now we don't have a cat, but we want.
We thought we'll be able to have a cat in our new room...we dreamed of it...
We had to find a room I'm busy again...