My Year-end: Going nowhere, concentrating on a review of English textbook 年末の休日 三日間: どこへも行かず、英文法の復習に集中

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Dec 30, 2012 21:27 English Japanese 英語 日本語 語学 学ぶ 習得 言葉遣い 学習 勉強 learn study
Well, there are no more than tonight and yesterday left to the New Year. With all this situation, I have still a lot to do, like say, the rest of a little work for this year/cleaning up each room/preparation for work of the next year/etc. Above all, I want to have a relaxing time at least for the final moment of the year that is close at hand! I only hope I can welcome the New Year as drinking beer and eating nice dishes at my favorite bar at that moment. That's all!

I wonder what everyone is doing at the end of the year.
As far as I am concerned, I have been concentrating on brushing up an English grammar book of mine (which is relatively thick^^) for these entire three days' holiday. It is because I liked to enhance knowledge of my English grammar for the sake of my translation work next year~♪

Here are some of what I reviewed in this period.
- All the following example sentences are quotations out of the textbook -

Weather permitting, we'll go camping tomorrow.
Taking her age into consideration, she looks young.
My mother being sick in bed, I stayed home all day.
There being nothing to eat, I had to go hungry for a few days.
Used properly, this knife cuts well.
Praised by his father, the boy determined to study harder.
This shirt needs washing. = This shirt needs to be washed.
It is no use worrying about it. = It is no good...
There is no knowing when an earthquake will hit us.
What do you say to eating out this evening?
As is often the case with him, Bob canceled the appointment. = As is usual with...
He is not so much a teacher as a scholar. - 名詞句を伴う場合
Oceans do not so much divide the world as unite it. - 動詞句を伴う場合
Happiness lies not so much in wealth as in health. - 前置詞句を伴う場合
My father didn't so much as look up from the book. = Without so much as 動詞+ing...
I like Cathy (all) the better for her long hair - forを伴う
Ruth worked (all) the harder because she now had a son. - becauseを伴う
People are none the happier for the development of science. - forを伴う
Candy was so tired that she couldn't walk, much less (still less) run.
I know better than to trust a guy like him.
Jon is two years my senior. = Jon is senior to me by two years.
He is not more than forty, but he looks older. = at most
The baker earns not less than two thousand dollars every week. = at least
He has no more than ten dollars. = only
No less than fifty members got together. = as much (many) as
The tomato is no more a fruit than a carrot is.
= The tomato is not a fruit any more than a carrot is.
Sunlight is no less necessary to good health than fresh air.
I can no more swim than a hammer can.
A home without love is not a home any more than a body without a soul is a man.
This camera is no larger than a credit card.
MY city is no smaller than Okayama.
He is no better than a coward.
I am not in the least worried about it.
Our teacher raised his hand as if to say, "Be quiet." = if he were to say
If it were not for Mr. Broun's help, our plan wouldn't be going well. = Without... = But for...
Had I known you were ill, I would have visited you.
Were I your place, I would accept their proposal.
Should it rain tomorrow, the game will be called off.
= If it should rain tomorrow, the game will be called off.
This is, as it were, the global age.
Not a (single) question was answered.
I am by no means sure this is the right way to do.
It was not until I joined the baseball club that I realized the importance of harmony.
He was beside himself with joy when he won the game.
To know a person is one thing, and to understand them is another.
The airport was closed on account of the fog.
They continued seeing each other with a view to marriage. = for the purpose of ~ing
England and Japan are similar in that they are both island countries.
Liz could think of nothing to say except that she was so sorry.
He had no sooner gotten into bed than he fell asleep.
= No sooner had he gotten into bed than he fell asleep.
= He had hardly (scarcely) gotten into bed when (before) he fell asleep.
= Hardly (scarcely) had he gotten into bed when (before) he fell asleep.
= As soon as he got into bed, he fell asleep.
She turned down TV lest the baby should wake up. = ... for fear S + V...
Child as (though) he was, he swims much faster than I do.
Tired as (though) he was, he walked all the way to the station.
We take it for granted that parents worry about their children.
He may well break the world record.
You may (might) as well go home.
You might as well throw your money away as lend it to him.
Sachiko was on the point of going out when the doorbell rang.
He can speak German and French, to say nothing of (not to mention) English.
He does nothing but watch TV.
Little did I dream that I would marry her.
Never have I seen such a big statue.
Seldom do they watch TV these days.
What with overwork and all, he fell ill.
Reading is to the mind what (as) food is to the body.
I will tell you what little I know about it.
I gave him what food I had.
= I gave him all the food I had.

A prosperous New Year to us (^_-)-☆
もはや残すところ、新年まで今夜と明日のみとなってしまいました。でも、ここに来てもなお、しなければならないことが一杯... たとえば、少し残っている今年の仕事を片付けてしまうこと。各部屋の掃除。来年の仕事の準備。その他もろもろ。何にせよ、いよいよ迫り来る、少なくとも今年最後の瞬間だけはゆっくり過ごしたいです。ただ望むことと言えば、いつもの飲み屋でビールを飲んだり、おいしい料理をつまみながら新年を迎えるということ。それだけかな ^-^


- 下記の例文は全て、参考書からの引用です -

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いい年になりますように (^_-)-☆