Nuke Hazard to be equate to Chernobyl Level 原発危機チェルノブイリレベルへ

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Apr 13, 2011 00:01 被災地 English Japanese 日本語 放射性物質 地震 earthquake 英語 Radiation 原子力発電所 Fukushima
Well, I failed attempt to post this in time, so this entry was to be written yesterday.
投稿が間に合いませんでした。 ということで、これは昨日書かれたものということになります。


As following to recent my journals, today's entry is written by me, along the lines of reports on TV or internet.

After all, the Japanese agents have raised the severity rating of the Fukushima nuclear crisis to 7, meaning the highest rank on an international standard, which is exactly on per with the case of Chernobyl occurred in the past.

I'll frankly say that I have no doubted, just about from the beginning of the accident, it would fall into this situation within a period of time...

Right facing this evaluation, the worst level 7, what the average of citizen in Japan can do regrettably seems to be nothing.

We don't know the first thing about the technical measure against this radioactive incident.

On another note:

According to the source, some afflicted people are wandering lost in the ruined hometown, highly contaminated by radiation...

Of course, there is already no landmarks and sign there.

Only for encountering again missing sons, daughters or loved ones..., they say they put themselves into acting being exposed to radiation.

Breaking: Here are cited from the news sources on the internet.
TEPCO president apologizes for level-7 crisis

Radiation levels in parts of Fukushima over limit
The Japanese government says the radiation accumulated over a 25-day period at some locations in Fukushima Prefecture has exceeded the permissible level set for a full year.

Much of radiation leaked on Mar.15,16

Radiation Dose


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