Arsenic found in well water in Miyagi

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Apr 10, 2011 23:50 英語 English Japanese 日本語 ヒ素 宮城 Arsenic 地震
Sadly, really sadly...

Time and again since the beginning of Fukushima and Miyagi's plight: looming radioactive hazard, following the unprecedented quake and tsunami...

Now again, I regret to say that I have to report about Miyagi prefecture which has newly been burdened with another sticky incident.

Cited from NHK World News
以下、NHK ワールドイングリッシュニュースからの引用です
Arsenic found in well water in quake-hit Kesennuma

Local health authorities are warning residents not to drink well water or from mountain streams, although water with this level of contamination can be used for washing and cleaning.

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