Repercussion of the Radioactive Accident 放射能事故の余波

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Apr 9, 2011 23:50 原子力発電所 英語 English Japanese 日本語 Fukushima 福島 地震 earthquake Radiation 放射性物質 被災地 東京
There must be a growing feeling now, among the public in northern Japan, like the following: "we can't deal with the aftermath of the gigantic quakes, overwhelming tsunami and looming hazards of radioactivity, into the bargain...

We can easily spot a spate of stories associated with data of radioactivity level on TV or newspapers, further more, from various overseas sources through the internet - in the current era.

Are authorities yet holding out on us at this stage of the accident?

How can we see right through to all their thoughts.

I'm feeling like that "please be more honest and disclosure everything" or "I think they should quit fooling around any more."
"どうかもっと正直にすべてを開示してください" "いい加減にしてください"という気持ちです。

“How safe is safe enough?”

Here are some articles on the internet news I read today.
"Nuclear evacuation zone may be expanded"

"Water radiation levels rise north of nuke plant"

"The unchecked radioactive discharge into the Pacific has prompted experts to sound the alarm, as cesium, which has a much longer half-life than iodine, is expected to concentrate in the upper food chain."

I hope everything will work out for us.