Dumping Radiation: We Apologize for Our Poor Return 恩を放射能投棄というあだで...

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Apr 9, 2011 00:11 English earthquake 英語 Japanese 日本語 被災地 地震 Radiation 放射性物質 原子力発電所 福島 Fukushima
Now I'm feeling so embarrassed as a citizen of Japan which caused such a serious incident and, what's more, continues making the attempt to dump more than 15000 tons amount of radioactively-contaminated water into the sea - without any comprehension approach to other countries in advance.

I'm also deeply concerned for all the people's health on the planet, as well as developing to serious diplomatic problem on this crazy ways of coping with the crippled nuclear plants...

We the Japanese people have been given great plenty of praises, encouragements, donations and even efforts by coming all the way to search missing people or care of the victims from various nationals.

I would like to show my deepest apologies for our poor return for all of kindness from other countries

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Today's pictures are of the scene of "People line up in neat rows to buy food and daily necessities at a supermarket in Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture, on the day right after the massive quake devastated in northern Japan on March 11th."

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