Dump 15000 Tons Low Radioactive Water into Sea 15000トン放射能水海へ

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Apr 6, 2011 01:58 Fukushima 福島 English Japanese 日本語 原子力発電所 earthquake 地震 放射性物質 英語 Radiation
Sorry, I have to say first that this entry was wrote on April 5th.

This is caused by my careless mistake failing to post yesterday for some reason and then now I realized it ^^

Here I deeply regret to say that I have to talk about how's it currently undergoing the treatment for the crippled nuclear complex by utility firm - over high radioactively-contaminated water escaping into sea, dragging on.

And that as to the condition of the sea surrounding our country at present, officially disclosed by Japanese government, I'd like to write down following yesterday's journal.

Here are stuffs used for the attempted procedure to cease the outflow of the toxic water.

I more than a little freaked out @0@

☉_☉ Sawdust, newspaper and what's more, trying consequently to pour "bath powder" to identify a pathway

Wow, I honestly say, how we remain being such gentle persons?

You know, I also heard an another attempt they are planning to prevent the contaminated sea water from expanding extensively: namely, they finally brought out the special equipment!

Guess what?

Which is a particular kind of "curtain!"

So I remember now!

A while back, they have already disclosed the amazing plan to cover the entire nuclear facilities by the huge cloth, preventing radiation from dispersing into the atmosphere.

Am I too critical?

In the end...

Briefing current condition over leaking toxic water on TV this morning, a spokesperson from the power utility, which is still now under way to tackle the plants, had suddenly started sobbing and trembling with his head down, as standing up.

When I saw his figure, I got frightened rather than feeling sorry for them or sympathizing.

What's happening at the moment for sure in this country!

This is the remark out of his shaking lips.

"We deeply apologize for all your trouble, but we regret to say that we would have to put greater strain on you."

"We are now dumping low level of radioactively contaminated water into sea to improve this catastrophic situation under unavoidable circumstances."

"The amount would be running as high as more than 15000 tons."

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