Fair Amount of Radioactive Water Pouring into Sea Continues

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Apr 3, 2011 23:52 Fukushima 福島 English Japanese 日本語 原子力発電所 earthquake 地震 放射性物質 英語 Radiation
There has never brought about change for the better over the highly radioactively-contaminated water continuing to run off into the sea so far, in defiance of wrestling against the gravely damaged reactor vessel.

And that, safety officials say, the amount of seeping water - reportedly contain radioactivity for more than 1 000 millisieverts per hour - is not a little, although a kind of polymer absorbent was injected into a newly discovered cracked pit in order to solve this problem.
しかも、管理員が言うには対策として吸収性ポリマーのようなものを注入しているようですが、その染み出している水量は少なくないとのことです。放射能濃度は驚いたことに1000ミリシーベルト/時間 だそうです。


Here is the website written about the radiation by the professor Kunihiko Takeda from Chubu university.

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