Wisely Took the Precaution 完全なる重装備:パッチにマフラー...

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Jan 17, 2011 16:54 diary 日記 English Japanese 英語 日本語 寒波 冬将軍 winter cold
Here the harsh lingering cold arrived which I think is too late to first say in my journal!

Fortunately for me, the region I live in has been not badly affected than nothern Japan where peoples are suffered form heavy snowfall.

But when it comes to the past two days...

Gee, I was totally frozen while working through the night yesterday as well, following to the previous nippy night - even if I'm used to spending overnight without an electric heater when I am alone inside, from attempt to save energy and cut corners.

Also last night, I wisely took the precaution of wearing plenty of warm layers of clothing, including a pair of gloves (cut parts of fingers to type keyboard on my PC available), an electric blanket and a scarf wrapped snugly around my neck.
夕べも手袋に電気毛布、首にしっかりと巻きつけたマフラーという完全防御体制でしたが... ^^

I don't think I was the only one to have been overwhelmed by the atmosphere of one of the coldest days in Japan for many years.

Sure, the snow also falls here, but quickly melts away in usual, only to be replaced by ice.

That said, it's the one that is, of course, the worst danger of all...the slippery ice - the winter months bring with them many hazards.

Frozen surface water is responsible for many broken bones, as people slip or fall over on the ice or even develops more serious traffic accidents.

The most obvious being the freezing temperatures, which each year claim many people's lives...

According to TV news in the morning, the massive snow left roads blocked and impassable; there will be 50 centimeters of snowfall in the next 24 hours along the mountains on the Sea of Japan coast in the Tohoku and Hokuriku regions.

Well, this time, we did experience unusually low temperatures, some of which were the lowest recorded for many decades.

Let us not forget the concentration of our attention on driving our car especially during the night!
特に深夜の運転には気をつけましょうね (≧ω≦)!!

Thank you for reading, Minasan♪

Once again, I've putting myself into troublesome chores to replace Vista with Windows 7 on my PC and organize jumbled files in it for a couple of days, and which certainly gave me great satisfaction as I expected ^^
さすがにWindows 7はいいです (=^_^=)