A Certain Custom in Japan on Describing Width 広さを表す日本のある習慣

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Oct 4, 2010 01:17 English 日本語 英語 Japanese 習慣 custom
I basically really hate to spend days like recent busyness with pressure of business preventing me from following my favorite daily routine, let's say, such as studing English, updating my blogs or everything like that (*`皿´*)/

Just a random thought, but wondering how long it has been since I was involved in Lang-8.

Hey, it was just about a half year ago that I first wrote my entry here.

In the meanwhile, Thanks to Lang-8, I am happy to have made new precious friends regardless of age, sex, race, or experience in foreign languages.

I think I would...I will put my efforts more into keeping my journal entry from now on.

Here I go!

Today, I would like to think about a certain custom in Japan on describing square kilometres

On the newscast and others in Japan, they usually often use Tokyo Dome, the main baseball stadium in Tokyo, as unit of width instead of measuring large spaces in square kilometres.

Say, it is like "○○○ is about 3 Tokyo Domes".

Well,... I wonder if it is common all over the world? ☉_☉