Japanese Acronym : (爆) or (笑) Meaning "LOL" in English

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Sep 14, 2010 14:53 English 英語 日本語 Japanese 頭字語 acronym
You know what?
Amazingly, it is cooler today than ever before in this summer that is just about like autumn (☉_☉)

Out of my tweet to Twitter last night: "it is really cool tonight that inevitably make me feel autumn, when I think of the relentless sweltering nights in this summer."
昨夜のツイッターへの僕のツイートから: “今年の夏のあの容赦のないうだるような熱帯夜を考えれば、今夜は本当に涼しくて否応なく秋の気配を感じさせます。”

According to the forecast report, days exceeding 35 degrees Celsius would never come anymore even if temperature still would surpass 30 in the days to come.

How about in your country?

By the way, we made a presentation and sold our food and products on the spot at Naniwa Festival in Naniwa Park yesterday, which was for the residents of Osaka hosted by Osaka City.

I'll leave it to your imagination as to how much money we pocketed as profit ^^
どのくらい儲かったかはご想像におまかせします ^^

OK, it is enough for the preface, then let's get into today's tip of the Japanese language: (爆)and (笑).

I wonder if you have ever seen them in the mail you received or in something like stuffs written casually by Japanese persons.

As you could say, they are the Japanese acronyms, what is called, meaning "LOL" in English.

Yesterday, I hustled and promoted our products at the festival so I just dropped by a bar on the way back home. lol

Actually, (爆)comes from 爆笑(ばくしょう bakushou) that is "laughing out loud" in English.
(爆)は、爆笑(ばくしょう bakushou)から由来していて、英語の"laughing out loud"にあたります。

On the other hand, (笑)is from 笑う that everyone learning Japanese knows, I guess.

Please try them next time to correspond with your friends in casual, good luck LOL

(^_-)-☆ Thank you for reading!