News Report: Santa Claus has hit the road on his annual world tour / ニュース報道: サンタさん今年も恒例の、世界を巡る旅に出発

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Dec 24, 2012 23:57
According to news coverage reported by a local TV station, Santa Claus left his home in Lapland in northern Finland early this morning on Saturday (JST), two days before Christmas! A reporter said that at the exact moment Santa Claus tried to ride on a reindeer sleigh, what on his shoulder a reporter saw was a huge white bag! Yes!! It must be gifts for children across the globe!

The reporter continued, "Driving the sleigh, Santa Claus was waving at people but all of a sudden, he stopped driving his sleigh and gazed at a snow statue made in the image of a child. He seems to really like children." They say a short while later, he disappeared into forests.

To my surprise, I heard a total distance Santa Clause travels by the Christmas morning every year is as many as 460 million kilometers. Amazingly that seems to be equivalent to more than 10,000 journey around the Earth!

By the way...
Everyone who are learning either English or Japanese, why don't you try online NHK news with transcript and video clips? I believe they are extremely helpful for us to improve our language skills. In reality, I have learned a lot for years from this resource as well as Reuters which also has English transcript.


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Merry Christmas!
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