Japanese Lesson 3. 日本美人 Japanese Beauty

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May 10, 2010 05:01
You know what?
In Japan, as the words to represent Japanese beautiful women, there are some ones.

I would say that they are divided into 3 main groups in general.

京美人(きょう びじん)......... Kyou Beauty
秋田美人(あきた びじん).... Akita Beauty
博多美人(はかた びじん)... Hakata Beauty

Kyou means Kyouto Prefecture. In the same way, each Akita and Hakata points each prefecture.

As quite characteristic of them, respectively, they are said as below.

京美人 ......かわいらしい、上品、おしとやか
Kyou Beauties are adorable, elegance and modest.

秋田美人...肌が白くきめ細やか 、目が細く切れ長、口が小さい、鼻筋が通っている
Akita Beauties have the appearance of "a whiter and smooth skin like a silk", "beautiful long and narrow eyes", "a small mouth" and "a shapely nose".

Hakata Beauties bring together features of "a whitish skin", "beauteous eyes" and "a willowy figure", wearing a refreshingly cool atmosphere in their face.

Thank you very much for your reading today as well!
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