Japanese Lesson 2. 作る and 造る

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May 8, 2010 04:57 Japanese 日本語 Lesson
My good fellows studing or having interesting in Japanese♪
Today, let me show you a comment I posted yesterday to answer a foreigner's question about difference between Japanese words of 作る(つくる) and 造る(つくる) which mean "make".

Yes, as you know, both words mean "make".

(。-`ω´-)oо○Humm・・・ Well, I wonder how to use both words as the situation demands???

So it is a difficult question even for us Japanese.

According to Japanese dictionary...

作る: 主に規模の小さいもの又は抽象的な無形のものに用いられる。
造る: 「作る」よりも規模の大きいもの、工業的なもの、有形のものをつくるときに用いることが多い。

As a general view:
作る is typically used when relatively smaller or abstract and intangible stuffs are made.
造る have a tendency to be used when something larger or industrially-made is made up.

作る: 米を作る。規則を作る。小説を作る。
造る: 船を造る。庭園を造る。酒を造る。

作る is used in case for rice, "rules and regulations" and novel.
造る is used in case for ship, garden and Japanese sake.

That said, they are, also for us, a higher Japanese grammar as I mentioned above at first and you must face to similar problems again in learning Japanese from now on.
I consider that it is the reason why they say acquring Japanese skills are really difficult for not only foreigner but Japanese.

(^_-)-☆ Enjoy Japanese!

As a guide:
The attached picture is the scene making Japanese sake.