Japanese Lesson 1. Japanese Soul 仁義

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May 7, 2010 00:52 Japanese 日本語 Lesson
(*ゝω・*)ノ Hello again♪ ☆・゚:*:゚
I wonder if some of you from other countries have heard this Japanese 仁義(じんぎ) called jingi in Japanese?
It is also the soul among a Japanese Mafia but important to represent ours, Japanese mind, I guess.

It means ” honesty" " sincerity" "loyalty" which might be the soul most Japanese have inside by our nature, especially elderly people, over all of situations, whatever they are at private, business or others.

Jin and Gi come from the fundamental principles of the Confucian ethic.
And I think I can say that it is one of the most important Japanese heart we have had since ancient times as Japanese.

In more depth: Jingi is to pay respect, implying the follows.
仁(jin) and 義(gi) could be translated to humanity and justice.
And also it connotes 義理(giri) meaning duty in English.

It must be a real Japanese soul, I don't know about the recent young generation here though.

Actually, some Japanese have far deeper meanings which might be sometimes so hard to express in English or other languages as you know.

(^_-)-☆ Thanks for your reading today as well!