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Apr 29, 2010 00:03 Japan suicide English
Today, I was left thunderstruck when encountered an article published by New York Times...

Have you Japanese and people from other countries been aware of the serious state of affairs in our country Japan?
hereinafter, the story quoted from the news.

Japan Tries to Face Up to Growing Poverty Problem

Satomi Sato, a 51-year-old widow, knew she had it tough, raising a teenage daughter on the less than $17,000 a year she earned from two jobs. Still, she was surprised last autumn when the government announced for the first time an official poverty line ─ and she was below it.

After years of economic stagnation and widening income disparities, this once proudly egalitarian nation is belatedly waking up to the fact that it has a large and growing number of poor people. The Labor Ministry’s disclosure in October that almost one in six Japanese, or 20 million people, lived in poverty in 2007 stunned the nation and ignited a debate over possible remedies that has raged ever since.

But perhaps just as surprising was the government’s admission that it had been keeping poverty statistics secretly since 1998 while denying there was a problem, despite occasional anecdotal evidence to the contrary. That ended when a left-leaning government led by Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama replaced the long-governing Liberal Democratic Party last summer with a pledge to force Japan’s legendarily secretive bureaucrats to be more open, particularly about social problems, government officials and poverty experts said.
-The rest is omitted -





You know?
Today, the first half of second-stage finished to screen budget requests for 447 public works projects in the government's record-high ¥95 trillion budget for fiscal 2010.

I have to say...
some government bureaucrats and officials dispatched from administrative institutions have gotten greedily huge annual salaries worth about 20,000,000 yen and other privileges, and been keen to hide the fact over residents who have been suffered as I showed the article above.

Now, a powerful economic nation Japan fell to suicide one, it seems...
Sad, but true...


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