We Show All Our Faults on Laughing

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Apr 28, 2010 00:13
Today, I would like to introduce a following proverb which I had impressed by when I met it.

A human being should beware how he laughs, for then he shows all his faults.


Ralph Waldo Emerson ( ラルフ・ワルド・エマーソン : 1803-1882 )

Well, It just got me thinking...
You know, here in Japan, I don't know about the other countries, massive amounts of laughing has been going around nowadays and sometimes some are, I have to say, unrespectable, even shameful...
Yes, mass of comic entertainers appear not only on the comedy shows but news broadcasts, even educational programs.
I know well adequate supply of jokes and laughings certainly would care for emotional and spiritual balance.
But what if it would lead to excessive behavior?

(^_-)-☆ Thanks for reading♪