On the Way Back to My Office... 仕事場への帰り道に...

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Jan 29, 2013 23:56 English Japanese 日記 diary 焼肉 yakiniku
I can't believe how quickly the time goes because it is almost the end of January! Can you believe that!?

This month has been really busy for me and today was the same as well.
Too lazy to cook, I stopped by my neighborhood, a yakiniku restaurant (焼肉屋さん) for the first time in months, on the way back to my office; I don't usually eat beef that much. They have an all-you-can-eat yakiniku course for no more than 1,000 yen, as their lunch special. What’s even better, their lunch specials last until 3:00pm, so there was no rush to arrive early.

Everyone looked so good with yakiniku and beer!
As for me, meat wrapped with vegetable and Korean red chili paste is my favorite combination. Although most male customers there were likely to eat meat as it is without any vegetable. Seeing their way of eating, I knew this is probably something unnecessary thinking, but I couldn't help but assume that the style of eating (all-you-can-eat) must have inspired them to do so ^^

As it gets colder, hot foods such as nabe (鍋料理), yakiniku or things like that become more enjoyable. Anyway, the lunch special is affordable, and the 980 yen deal is valid until 3pm every day, so I made up my mind to try it again together with some friends of mine!

What are your favorite food to eat in the Winter?
For example, I love kimuchi nabe (キムチ鍋). It’s spicy and makes my nose run, but I love it ^^ However I don’t really care for oden (おでん).
How about you?

In any case, thanks for continuing to read my posts.
I am sorry today's entry has become something random though, I’ll write proper journal entries as possible as I can.