As a translator, tougher days continue... Can everyone translate this easily? 翻訳家の卵の苦悩の日々は続く... nanchatte (#^.^#)

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Dec 5, 2012 23:57 English Japanese 日本語 英語 翻訳家 translator
Yesterday's job was translating articles in a website of the following URL:

Honestly, as soon as starting to translate it, I found it extremely handful for my current English skills!
Calmly thinking about myself, I routinely read/watch news coverage in English but I rarely take care of philosophy books, economic/financial magazines or even normal novels T_T
Anyway, somehow or other I finally made up my task in time though, yesterday was a really tough day indeed. In reality, I killed myself working through the night (@o@)

Contrarily, I could say that regardless I hope/like or not, throughout this job, I end up reading deeply wide range of books, articles or even personal business correspondences. And I found myself really having fun with them every day! Yes, I love this job!

Honestly now, I am always in a happy happy mood even though I don't sleep that much and I am having a quick meal on my chair in front of my PC all the time~♪
Thanks to Lang-8 friends, I am working as a freelance translator, though I firmly know that I have still a lot to have to learn.

Ahhh, I wish to become much better at translation soon and able to proudly say "I am a translator!"

By the way...
Well, does everyone translate the above website easily???
I am just a tad depressed about this time's job though...
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