Let me share an extremely funny journal entry written in Korean and Japanese that someone posted!

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Jun 19, 2013 07:16 Japanese English 日本語 英語 diary 日記 Korean 韓国語
This is a journal entry a Lang-8 member wrote in Korean and Japanese languages. Because of being extremely humorous, I couldn't help but translating into English to introduce it to English speaking members.

Here is the one I tried translating:
Comfortable Day
시원한 날

Today is a brisk and peaceful sunny day and warm enough to spend the daytime.
오늘은 날씨도 좋아서 반소매로 있어도 정말 따뜻하고 시원한 온화한 날이에요.

Although I thought I should go hanging around in such a day, I instead gave a vacuum to the room.
이런 날은 외출해야지라고 생각했지만 청소를 했어요.

When vacuuming, I put the idea I have wanted to carry out since before into action. (lol)
청소기를 들리고 있을 때 전부터 한 번 해 보고 싶었던 일을 오늘실행했어요. ㅎㅎ

I can't stop laughing as writing this...
일기를 쓰면서도 웃음이 나와요.

I hope everyone wouldn,t see me as a terrible dog owner.
나쁜 주인이라고 생각하지마세요.

I will confess... (lol)... I tried vacuuming my dog.
실은...ㅎㅎ...우리 강아지한테 청소기를 들려 봤어요.

There are no fleas in its hair because I take preventive measures with an oral medicine, but it looked itchy, so...
벼룩약은 먹이니까 벼룩은 없는데 몸이 가려운거 같았어요

Just in the case it has some fleas. (lol)
혹시 벼룩인가라고 생각해서요. ㅎㅎ

It stayed motionless.
강아지는 온순하게 가만히 있었어요.

"What a comfortable day with a fine weather!"
아~, 오늘은 정밀 날씨도 좋고 강아지한데도 시원하고 좋은 날이네요.

I am sure that my dog thinks so as well. Ha-ha.
강아지도 아마 그렇게 느낀게 틀림없어요. ㅎㅎ

Thank you for reading!


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>>これはあるLang-8メンバーが韓国語と日本語で書いた記事です の間違いでした!(英文ではちゃんとそうなってましたが)
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