Merry Christmas!: Incredible Cosmetics System Using Smartphone スマートフォンを使った信じられない化粧品のシステム

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Dec 25, 2012 06:34 Merry Christmas English Japanese 日本語 英語
What a amazing era we live!
Having been checking out some online news sites a while ago, I learned an incredible technology was developed by a Japanese electronics firm that is as if in the world of a science fiction.

I wonder if those who are sensitive about their own skin care already know this.
The system using smartphone has made it possible that cosmetics companies analyze the condition of customer's skin and suggest best products/treatments quite precisely without counseling them face to face. The only thing we have to do is just applying a special sheet on our face and take pictures with smartphones. The application installed in the phone immediately analyzes user's skin condition with the information from the photos which highlights user's blemishes and pores.

As you know, blemishes are significantly stimulated by Melanin.
Thanks to this technology, even though we were not to go anywhere, cosmetics firms and us would know how much Melanin are getting to increase on our face.

I firmly realized today how much we are enjoying an affluent happier lives surrrounded by latest technologies than people in the past decades. On the flip side, we have to keep it in mind that there are many people who are hard to have smartphones and access the internet even though they are living in this age.

If you are interested in this topic, you can check out the follows and will know more:

And last,
There is one thing I would like to let you know.
Thanks to everyone who gave me a lot of corrections/advice/examples with your warmheart, I am now working as a baby freelance translator and was able to launch a new blog of mine the other day!
Here is it!

Merry Christmas to you~♪




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