Assignment → 宿題 → Homework, so, does 宿題 sound childish for you in college? 宿題って、大学生が使うには子供っぽい?

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Dec 3, 2012 22:32 assignment homework 宿題 課題 日本語 英語 English Japanese 学ぶ 言葉遣い 勉強 習得 語学 question wording phrase
As for me, I don't really think of that saying 宿題 in university sounds like homework only elementary students do. But yes, there could be better words to make you look more like college students.

Here is a question one of my friends here made on her post today:
Assignment is translated into 宿題 which means "homework" in English, but according to her remark, "assignments" somehow seems to sound more university-like than "homework."

Then, I soon made a comment on hers as follows:
As everyone seems to have already made nicer correction, I would like to write about assignment^^
Yes, in that case, I would like to suggest 課題 too. And still, I wonder if you know there are words 研究課題 as well as the following words:

作文 ・ 論文 ・ 調査報告 ・ 報告書 ・ 主題 ・ レポート ・ リポート

By the way, do you know the difference between レポート and リポート both which are translated into "report?"
I think there is a image of each: 「リポート=報道 news coverage」 and 「レポート=研究報告 research paper」.

Thus, レポート seems to be prefered to use in things like university, while リポート frequently appears in news related things.

Anyway, I am not familiar with more difficult things than what I quoted/explained here though, maybe 課題 or レポート as well as 研究課題 are better way of using Japanese words equivalent to assignment if you use about college things.

Does anyone has much better idea on it?