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Dec 1, 2012 12:40 dictionary 辞典 日本語 英語 English Japanese
Yesterday I found a very interesting thing on learning English.
It's about the difference between 'appendix' and 'annex.' Are those learning English aware of that? As for me, I've had totally no idea until a friend of mine here explained to me precisely.

Today I would like to share this topic.
According to the friend, 'appendix' and 'annex' are addenda. And an important thing is that appendices are written by the original author while annexes can be written by others.

Then I gave feedback to the friend as follows:
Hmmm, as to the difference between them, I couldn't find any specific explanation in the dictionary as you mentioned. I am happy I have learned it from you now!!

The friend soon answer me and I noticed my careless remark caused trouble for her. She double-checked to make sure she was right and provide me this URL.

Again, here is my answer:
Oh, my got! I didn't mean it honestly. I have believed in your remark from the beginning!
Anyway, on letting me know the above URL, I checked it out and made sure what you mentioned was definitely right.

And then, furthermore I looked up attentively the difference between annex and appendix on the internet again. But as I expected, I can't find anything enough to explain it in Japanese sites, including dictionaries and English learning sites.

This outcome aroused my great interest.
Finally what I felt after all is "This is why Lang-8 friends is incredibly greater than any other dictionaries or textbooks in Japanese."
Thank you for your trouble (>.<;)

As a reference, Here are quoted from a dictionary:
appendix 【名詞】付録

参照 annex(付録)

annex 【名詞】付録

参照 appendix(付録)

Outcomes of searching both words only give us the same explanation T_T
In concluding today's post, it was the day I confirmed how much more important we would look something up with an English-English dictionary than an English-Japanese dictionary.