Is attaching Japanese helpful for you who are learning it? 日本語を添えつけるのって、日本語を勉強中のみんなには有難いことですか?

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Nov 30, 2012 03:12 日本語 英語 Lang-8 日記 diary
Now, I have something thinking about.
As long as time allows, I have been trying to write Japanese as well when I post my journal entry in English. In reality, I have been committing it that way ever since I joined Lang-8 more than two year and a half ago. It's because I considered that attaching it helps those who learning Japanese can read and learn natural Japanese sentences along with English I wrote.

But now I am a little bit in doubt about whether my perspective is surely right (whether it is helpful or not for everyone). I wonder if you really need Japanese annex, I have tried to do it in return for your kindness to correct my English though...

でも今、ちょっとそれは本当のところどうなのかな、と疑問を持っています(みんなの役に立っているのかどうか)。 本当に日本語の添えつけは必要でしょうか。英語を添削してもらうお返しの意味でもあったんだけど...