Thanks to Lang-8 Users, Some Companies Try Giving Me Chances to Be a Translator 翻訳家になる道が開けそう

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Nov 29, 2012 11:39 翻訳者 translator English Japanese 日本語 英語
In these days I have written about my new jobs to translate various kind of documents for some companies. Come to think of it, I know I have to feel deeply blessed to have known Lang-8 nearly 3 years ago.

Here, I would like to express my big thankfulness to all the Lang-8 users who have committed to helping me improve my English from a native speaker's view point. I believe it is quite precious for those who are learning English because all the corrections/advice/alternatives to think about are definitely unable to learn from textbooks or an English class in Japan. If I haven't met this site and you, I am really not sure whether I could work as a translator. That said, I am still now just a freelance translator at the entry level though. Therefore I need your help more and more from here on out!
On the other hand, I strongly feel about my responsibility to return everyone's kindness.

By the way, I have one more thing to take advantage of a good opportunity to improve my English speaking skill. As I mentioned before, I have had a foreign student from the Philippines in our home. Thus our conversation is English (as teaching this boy Japanese) all day long!
Now I am spending a really pleasant time with English every day!

I think I'd better call it a day. Soon, I have to go out for fetching the Filipino boy to the elementary school and taking him to a Japanese class in another school.
Thank you very much for your continued attention on my posts (^_-)-☆