Daily Attempt to Become a Real Pro Translator 本当のプロ翻訳家になるための日々の試み

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Nov 29, 2012 01:36 翻訳者 translator English Japanese 日本語 英語
The other day I took a English proficiency exam provided by a company to obtain its job as a freelance translator. I fortunately passed it through with a score of 80. But I honestly to say that it was easier than I expected because it was just the level first test.

Yes, as you assume, they prepared 4 versions of tests depending on translators' abilities to work for this company. And the test I took this time was just the one that they would check out whether I was deserve a chance to take the level second test. Once I luckily get it through, I can obtain an easy level of translation job. Likewise, the higher level of test I will pass, the more lucrative job I will be given.

So I am now working on the level second test which requires me to translate a certain English articles they provided into Japanese in accordance with the stipulation they specifically made. Honestly, I am just about overwhelmed by its difficulty. But I will never give up! Up until I would acquire a great skills as a real professional translator (which has been exactly my dream ever since I was young), I will stick to it!