A Presentation Required for Being Involved in a News Media as a Freelance Translator: I am working on it now! ニュース翻訳の仕事を得るために要求された課題に取り組み中

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Nov 28, 2012 23:55 翻訳者 translator English Japanese 日本語 英語
As I mentioned in my previous entry, recently I started trying to be working for some companies as a freelance translator.

Now I am working on a presentation a company asked me to submit before providing me their job regularly. This job is something like translating funny English articles I discovered online and commenting on them. When I first heard of the work, I felt like it was really interesting. So I immediately conveyed my enthusiasm toward the work to them.

However I soon realized finding funny or odd news was not easier than I thought first T_T
But never mind! I surely love news coverage in English. More than anything else, it becomes my everyday routine to read and watch them in the range of political affairs to social events on the online English version of Reuters and NHK. I really enjoy them every day. That's why I am always looking for jobs to able to be involved in press relations all the time.

Anyway, it's true that my current life became busier than before. But also I can say that it made my life much more enjoyable!
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