Freelance Translator: Few days after having took a giant step toward a professional translator / ついに翻訳家の卵に!?

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Nov 26, 2012 08:42 translator 翻訳者 日本語 英語 Japanese English
I am not really sure if it is unthoughtful of myself or a reckless attempt though...
My current main job of a Philippine related business is aside, I had tried to stake myself to start business translation for companies and individuals as one of my occupations lately. Yes, it's a freelance translator.

Actually, as far as translation exclusively for public offices including the Japanese embassy in the Philippines is concerned, I have almost 10 years experience. That said, translating a wide range of things from manufacturers' documents to personal e-mails is honestly hard for me. That is true. But on the flip side, it's really really more enjoyable than I was, even though I am struggling to conquer hardships caused by this job every day. I truly love English very much!

Thank you for my clients' patience for my work.
I promise I'll make it up to you in the near future! I will be better at my translation as soon as possible. So, everyone, please help me improve my English more!!!

I firmly recognized that current my English skills are mostly attributed to warm-hearted supports by everyone in Lang-8 in these past 2 and a half years.
Thank you very much!

実は、フィリピンにある日本大使館を含む官公庁向けの翻訳に限り、10年ほどの経験があるのですが、そうは言っても、製造業の書類から個人的なEメールに至るまで幅広く翻訳をするのは正直言ってきついです。実際そうなんですが、一方で、以前よりもずっとずっと楽しいのも事実です。たとえ、毎日この仕事でジタバタあがいていてもです^^ 本当に英語が大好きなんです。