What's the difference between 保守, 整備 and 保守整備? Someone has any idea?

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Nov 24, 2012 02:23
Finally, I have been able to log on Lang-8!
I have no idea what has been going on with Lang-8 though, this site has been under a terribly long maintenance T_T I wonder how other areas are.

Today I was asked a question from a Japanese learner as follows:
"What's the difference between 保守, 整備 and 保守整備?" "I am a little confused because all these words are translated into "maintenance."

Here is my answer:
Oops, I was totally caught off guard by your question! But it hits the nail on the head!

To make sure if my advice is proper, I looked over these words on the internet and I found out some pieces of information on this matter.

According to them,
All the words (保守、整備、保守整備) are translated into maintenance in English as you mentioned above.
Humm, it seems like very difficult question as I expected...

Although this is in my view, 保守 imply something maintaining or keeping, while 整備 seems to suit the following words: "keep up, fit out, adjust, straighten" or even, "overhaul, streamline, consolidate." (All of them are cited from dictionary)

Basically, I have a image of conservative for 保守. On the flip side, 整備 seems provide a feeling of active. Let's say, it is something like "fix," "repair" in itself. That's why I initially brought up 保守整備のせい as one of nicer phrase on my comment to your post.
In fact, we are extremely familiar with 保守整備. That's true.

But it is definitely no wonder you had such confusion and question. I am sorry, but now what I am able to answer you is just things like this (>.<;) ごめんね

Does someone has any idea about this matter?